Democracy for America Endorses Four Women Senatorial Candidates

July 18, 2012
By Megan Heacock | 0 comments

Democracy for America endorsed four extraordinary women this week running for Senate. These four Mazie Hirono, Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin and Kirsten Gillibrand are power players in the Democratic Party and they are prepared to fight for progressive issues in their states. Read about them below and donate to their campaigns to help bring stronger voices to Washington DC to help us fight for healthcare reform, economic prosperity, and the belief that women and men are equal. Elizabeth Warren: Elizabeth Warren is a pioneer in politics and an inspiration for women who want to run across the country. In 2008, Warren served as Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Her outstanding work in that position won her the title of Bostonian of the Year in 2009. Her work has led to the creation of a new consumer financial protection agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Warren possesses strong beliefs, a whole lot of persistence, and bright new ideas. She wants to work to rebuild and strengthen the middle class as well as create a better future for ourselves and our children. To donate to Warrens campaign, clickhere. Tammy Baldwin: In 1998 Tammy Baldwin became Wisconsins first female member of Congress and the nations first openly gay challenger sent to Congress. Baldwin has an excellent reputation for always looking out for the middle class. Standing strong on her middle class beliefs shes fought for a fairer economy, job creation, and a stronger educational system for future generations. Baldwin was raised by her grandparents, so she knows first hand the importance and value of Medicare and Social Security. She is committed to standing up for the elderly, women, and the middle class in Wisconsin. To donate to Baldwins campaign, clickhere. Kirsten Gillibrand: A proud New York Democrat, Gillibrand is running a grassroots campaign to fix our economy and improve life for the middle class. Gillibrand was first sworn into the US Senate in January of 2009 and is running again. Her number one priority is to create good-paying jobs across New York. She is committed to working for progressive issues across the board, from empowering women, to marriage equality and climate protection. To donate to Gillibrands campaign, clickhere. Mazie Hirono: Mazie Hirono was elected to Congress in 2006. She is now serving her third term representing Hawaiis 2nd Congressional District in the House of Representatives. She serves on two key House committees: The Committee on Education and the Workforce and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. Hironos legislative priorities include job creation, education, transportation, renewable energy, and the environment. Mazie Hirono is the first immigrant woman of Asian ancestry to be sworn into Congressional office. To donate to Mazies campaign, click here.



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