Progressives Unite: Stand Up for Women in an online summer series.

July 6, 2012
By Linsey Pecikonis | 0 comments

Democracy for America has long recognized that womens issues often take a back seat when progressives discuss electoral politics. Why? Because womens issues and womens rights are so ingrained in the very fiber of what we believe as progressives, we tend to bundle them in with all the others issues we believe. DFA decided to do something about it. We're taking a stand and exposing just how important womens rights are to each and every progressive cause. Below you'll find a list of each and every training held in the series. You can sign up to participate in the online series here. Each training will have a slate of guest speakers commenting directly on the weekly topic. Beyond the slate, DFA will host the best trainers from around the country teaching you the most important tools on protecting womens rights and defending against the right-wing agenda. This is a series you won't want to miss. Really, what are you waiting for? Sign up here. Health & Reproductive Rights: Tuesday, July 10th at 8pm ET Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood will explain what's at stake for women's health nationally and in particular states where dangerous legislation is being considered. Deirdre Schifeling, Planned Parenthood'sNational Director for Organizing & Electoral Campaigns, will provide a practical training on how you can join the fight. Victory over Violence: Tuesday or Wednesday, July 18th at 8pm ET Debby Tucker, Executive Director of theNational Center on Domestic and Sexual Violenceand a member of the National Task Force on Domestic and Sexual Violence will provide an update on the recertification of the Violence Against Women Act. You'll learn how to effectively lobby your elected officials to stop violence against women. The Economic Gender Gap: Wednesday, July 25th at 8pm ET Fifty years after earning the right to equal pay, women still make 80 cents for every man's dollar, and women make up only 3% of Fortune 500 CEOs. Award-winning educator and communicator, Jenifer Daniels ("the friendraiser"), will teach you how to start a conversation about the economic gender gap in your workplace or community. Women in the Media: Wednesday, August 1st at 8pm ET Join noted media personalities for a conversation about how women are depicted in mainstream media and learn how you can change the narrative. Karen Finney, Democratic Strategist and MSNBC political analyst, Kimberly "Dr. Goddess" Ellis and other special guests will share their experiences as women in the media. Democracy for America Communications Director, Linsey Pecikonis, will teach you how to get positive media coverage so you can amplify your reach. Women as Voters: Wednesday, August 8th at 8pm ET More women have voted in presidential elections than men since 1984 and women make up 42% of voters according to the most recent census. Pollster and Democratic Strategist, Celinda Lake will share her knowledge about women voters. You'll learn how you to register voters and how to motivate progressive women to vote. Women as Candidates: Wednesday, August 15th at 8pm ET Women are underrepresented in elected office. Only 17% of US Congress members are women, and only 6 women currently serve as governors. Hear from DFA's slate of progressive women candidates, ask your questions and learn more about what it takes to be a successful candidate. Regina Schwartz, Director of Outreach and Training at the Analyst Institute, will teach you how to Get Out The Vote using tested and proven tactics. If these trainings strike a chord for you, be sure to sign up. As we get closer to each date, we'll unveil more speakers and special guests.



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