What it Takes to Win

June 4, 2012
By Linsey Pecikonis | 0 comments

This spring, Democracy for America partnered with the New Organizing Institute to train over 300 progressive candidates to run for local elected office in 2012. Our Candidate Project Campaign Academy is a series of 15 online trainings designed to teach new candidates (and their staff/volunteers) how to run a successful campaign. Like DFAs on-the-ground Campaign Academy trainings, this series focuses on practical strategies for grassroots campaigns. People-powered campaigns depend on voter contact, earned media and fundraising to meet measurable goals. The sessions highlighted in this post feature the most essential skills and strategies youll need to create the building blocks of a successful local campaign. Fundraising, Budgeting & Reporting Campaign finance is a topic that we could spend weeks and months learning about, but DFA Deputy Finance Director Kate Lesniak and DFA Finance Trainer Andy Szekeres boiled down the essentials into a power-packed hour. Youll learn how to raise money, how to create (and revise) your campaign budget, and how to report your spending to the proper authorities in accordance with local, state and federal laws. This training is guaranteed to jump-start your campaigns financial health. To watch this full online seminar,please click here. Resources: Download slide presentation Download Campaign Budget Template How to Persuade & Mobilize Voters Grassroots campaigns are built on a solid bedrock foundation: the field program. DFA trainers Mudcat Arnold and Victoria Cepeida-Mojarro regale us with the wisdom gleaned from directing successful field campaigns. Learn how to develop your voter contact goals, mobilize your base of supporters, persuade undecided voters and turn out the votes you need to win on Election day. To watch this full online seminar, please click here. Resources: Download Slide Presentation Communications DFAs Communications Director Linsey Pecikonis and DFA Communications Trainer Mario Piscatella show you how to develop compelling messages that resonate with the public and the media. Learn how to stay on message when engaging with the press. After this training, youll know how to write press advisories and press releases. Youll be ready to pitch your stories to journalists and get your campaign the media coverage it deserves. To watch this full online seminar, please click here. Resources: Download Slide Presentation Are you running for local elected office in 2012? Or thinking about running in the future? You can review the videos, slides and other materials from each of the 15 sessions, covering everything from Choosing to Run for Office to Get Out The Vote at www.democracyforamerica.com/cpca Apply for DFA Endorsements Sign Up for DFA Campaign Academy Trainings



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