Origin of wedding

January 4, 2011
By Stuart Spark | 0 comments

Although the wedding is the ceremony of the world existed since ancient times. Sleeves to the elbow, chest, waist bit less by the thread in the breast, but the bride wore a wedding dress in the history of less than 200 years. Wedding dress should be on the moon shape to 1550 BC 1700 BC Ancient Greek Minoan dynasty of three generations worn by aristocratic women, bare chest. dress in bell-shaped dress, and under the overall tight fit of the garment. Now the bride wore a white silk dress hem dragged to far is a Catholic ceremony services. Since ancient times some European countries are theocratic state system, people must get married to the church for the priest or pastor's prayer and blessing, this talent acid formal legal marriage, so the ceremony the bride wear white clothes to God, sincere and pure. Western 19th century, when young girls get married there is no uniform worn by the bride's dress color specifications, until 1820 years ago, the red before they become widely used wedding dress color. This is because the British Queen Victoria wore a white wedding elegant wedding and wedding veils and wedding gloves. Since then, the red dress has become a formal wedding dress, and followed this, mother of the groom dress and flower girl dress. Now, some people do not understand the origins of wedding, their suit, the bride's wedding dress made of pink or light blue color, to show gorgeous. In fact, according to the custom of the West, only married women, the wedding can use pink or sky blue in color to show differences with the first marriage. From: sun dress proprietary stainless Riding horses and flocks of Beagle hunting town in the north of Ireland, met up in the laundry of the Ross River, Miss (Miss Rose Richard Earl suddenly was love at first sight, Miss Rose was innocent and elegance deep attract the same time, Miss Rose also handsome upstanding Richard Earl, with deep meaning of hate. hunting palace of the count back to sleep at night and in the feudal society was unacceptable circumstances, the courage to make the door properly , family does not "on the proposed Rose was born in rural areas marry marry the idea! royal uproar, and to resolutely defend against royal descent. Followed with the website custom dress prevail, discount wedding dresses also comes. B2C | B2B2C



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