Walking with Del Valle

January 18, 2011
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Miguel Del Valle, NDFA's endorsed candidate for Mayor of Chicago, will walk through Andersonville (Clark Street) this coming Saturday. we would like to have as many members as possible walk with him. This qualifies as a campaign event. Saturday is 22 January, if my arithmetic is correct.) This is the proposed route. If you think your participation is likely, write me at [email protected], and I'll get back to you with any changes and updates. Route - Candidtate starts at Fireside at 11:30; Walkers Start at Paulines at 11:30; Candiate and Walkers leave Paulines at 11:45 and Walk to Clark and Balmoral. Go north on west side of street to Coffee Studio, cross to east side and go to MHenry; go south to Foster stopping at key points along the way; cross street at Foster to west side and go north towards Hamburger Marys stopping at key points along the way. End at Hamburger Marys at 1:45 if we can get the location for the end meeting.



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